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Revival Performance Physical Therapy strives to provide the best individualized care in San Antonio. Our physical therapists are here to assist you with your performance goals, whether that be return-to-sport after an injury, or being able to return to your fitness journey. We are here for you

to Revival!

The 3 Principles we stand by for every appointment:

1. Reset

Our focus is crystal clear: eliminate pain, remove restrictions, and enhance mobility, stability, and awareness. Brace yourself for a personalized journey that goes beyond conventional exercise. We're committed to not only helping you achieve your fitness goals but also ensuring a pain-free and unrestricted experience. Get ready to redefine your fitness approach with us – it's time to move, feel, and live better!

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2. Restore

At our physical therapy clinic, our mission is clear: restoring your health and enhancing your well-being. We're dedicated to going beyond recovery by focusing on improving strength and conditioning, enhancing movement efficiency, and facilitating a successful return to activity. Our team is committed to guiding you through a personalized journey that not only heals but also empowers.


At Revival Performance Physical Therapy, our ultimate goal is to optimize your wellness journey. We're not just about recovery; we're committed to helping you maximize strength and resistance. Through personalized coaching and accountability, we guide you towards achieving your peak health and performance. It's not just about getting back to where you were; it's about reaching new heights. Join us on a transformative path where your well-being is optimized, strength is maximized, and every step is taken with purpose towards a healthier, high-performance you!

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